The Amish Country Challenge

If you have ever been to Ohio’s Amish Country you probably are well aware of the beauty and simplicity of the area. Nestled in the rolling hills of Holmes County half-way between Cleveland and Columbus, you find a different way of life, one that values hard work, family and a slower pace, and one where horse, buggy and bicycle are integral parts of life.

Although we feel that the typical visit to Amish Country (by bus or car) has value, we can’t think of a better way to become more intimate with the area than by touring via a bicycle. As you pedal down our back roads, you will truly get an idea of what this area is about. To experience the essence of Amish Country you can choose between our full century, metric century, or 25-mile routes.

Make no mistake, this ride is not just about the beauty of the area but also about the “Challenge”. Holmes County is known for its rolling hills, and the full century packs quite a few of these hills into the ride. The metric century has some hills, as well but is scaled down enough to appeal to the intermediate cyclist. The 25-mile course is made for those who perhaps are just getting into cycling or who prefer a more relaxed ride while still getting out on some of our back roads.

In addition to one awesome bike ride, there are a lot of extras that come with the experience. From aid stations and lunch stops hosted by Amish families, an Amish style chicken barbeque with all the fixings, to a goody bag with local treats.